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Why Nice Youth Workers Finish Last

Today, I’m talking about a HUGE problem that I see in a lot of us.

For my first four years, it was my BIGGEST problem.

Sometimes it’s because we’re insecure …

… and sometimes it’s because we just want to be polite.

But too often, we make wishy-washy requests that don’t sound like requests at all.

Then we get frustrated when people don’t do what we’ve asked.

Today, I’m going to tell you why it doesn’t always pay to be too polite …

… and what you can do about it starting NOW.

Wait, there’s such a thing as TOO polite?

Three quick takeaways you can implement TODAY:

1. Say what you mean and say it like you mean it.

2. There’s a difference between being polite and being tentative and insecure. Know the difference.

3. Jesus spoke boldly and directly. There are plenty of times when you should too.

When you’re finished with all of that, leave a comment below and tell me ONE polite phrase that you need to eliminate from your vocabulary today.

(For me, it’s the phrase, “How would you feel about … .”)