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Are Your Teens Too Young to Lead?

Can someone tell me how old you have to be in order to be a leader? Is there a certain age when you just become a leader or are certain you’re qualified to be a leader? Thirty-two to 35, but you have to be married with at least two kids—right? Youth workers struggle with age discrimination. You have older people in your church who will not listen to you based solely on your age. It’s terrible and wrong; it doesn’t allow you to have any say in how the church is run. 

Can I ask you, are you doing the same thing to your students? Have you placed on them a box labeled “only able to lead activities that an adult planned”? If you want leadership to be based on character and skill, then offer leadership to anyone who has the character and skill to be a leader, no matter what the age. In doing so, you will be creating a culture of leadership development and you will be helping the church grow for years to come.