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What Happens When the Youth Pastor is Absent?

It’s a simple question, really.

If you were too sick to get out of bed on a Sunday afternoon …

… would you have to cancel Sunday night’s youth group?

Or would your volunteers be able to handle it without you?

This is one of those problems you should solve now, because by the time it becomes a reality …

… it’s already too late.

So, how do you prepare your team to handle your absence when they can’t prepare for it?

We’ve all taken those meticulously planned and scripted vacations.

You know the kind. You prepare your volunteers weeks in advance, plan everything for them as elaborately as you can …

… then hand off a minute-by-minute plan with detailed instructions about how the plan should be administered.

Having a volunteer team that’s strong enough to put one of those plans into place is actually pretty incredible.

But having a volunteer team that doesn’t even need one of those plans?

Well, that’s even better.

Your volunteer team needs to be strong enough that you can get the flu without derailing ministry.

For the first nine years of my ministry, this was never a problem that needed to be worried about. I was literally never, ever sick during a scheduled program.

And then, in the last month, it happened twice.

Twice that I was so furiously and deliriously ill that leaving the house for youth group was not even an option.