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5 Priceless Gifts to Give to Your Volunteers

All they wanted was file space. After years of asking, I finally found time and space in my file drawer for some of our office volunteers to store files. Seems simple, but it was priceless.

To equip your volunteers, you do not need to break the budget. In fact, some of the best gifts are ones that will inspire and take your team to a new level of serving. If you want to give your volunteers something priceless, make sure you constantly give them:

Clarity: If your volunteers have no idea what it is they need to do, then they’ll walk away. Even if it’s something simple like opening the door, you need to make sure they are confident in their roles. Clarity leads to confidence, and volunteers who have that eventually become leaders.

Encouragement: Don’t assume that volunteers feel appreciated. Take the time to write a note, throw them a party and brag on them in public. Let your volunteers know that they matter in the local church and God’s Kingdom. Show them love and never let them forget how important they are to you.

Growth Opportunities: If you want your volunteers to grow into leaders, you need to give them tools and resources. Send them to conferences, and give them books. Teach them what you know and make sure they never stop growing.

Vision: Without vision, they lose site of why their role is important. Remind them of what happens when they serve in the ministry. Give them ownership by allowing them to weigh in. Without vision, they will lose hope and walk away.

Accountability: Ministry can be draining. If you aren’t encouraging them to connect with God, then you’ll just have a bunch of workers. Your ministry will grow only if your team knows how to go deeper with Christ. Hook them up in small groups, and encourage them in spiritual habits.

Give these priceless gifts consistently, and watch your team give back. They’ll see that they are valued and loved. They’ll commit to your mission. When you can give your volunteers tools that are priceless, you’ll find yourself building leaders.

What other priceless gifts can you give your volunteers?