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The Master Key to Making Better Decisions

Hindsight is always full of wisdom. Looking back, we all have decisions we regret, choices that didn’t work out so well. Regret is fairly useless, much more interesting is the question of how we can learn to make better decisions. How can we turn hindsight into learning moments, into a better prediction of what a good decision looks like?

Here’s one tip, one key to making better decisions:

Take your time.

Decisions made under time pressure often don’t work out so well. There are several reasons for that, but the most important is that good decisions come from your head, not your heart. Yet under time pressure, we often respond from emotions instead of from rational thinking.

It’s why my husband and I agreed years ago that we would never make a decision involving purchases over 50 bucks without sleeping on it for at least a night. No matter how good a deal salespeople offer us, we don’t take it. Not even when they warn us it’s a one-time thing, only valid for that day.

Last weekend, I heard about a workshop/conference I was immediately interested in. The guy offering it said he only had four discount codes available and that they would fill up fast. Still, I didn’t decide on the spot. I took my time, talked it over with my husband and did some research. I’m about to find out of the code is still available. If it’s not, I’ll be somewhat disappointed for sure, but I will still know I’ve made the right decision.

Good decisions start by taking the time to make them. Don’t let others pressure you into deciding on the spot. Take at least a day to think it over, look at it from different sides, get someone else’s perspective. Then decide. You won’t regret it.  

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