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Why You Should Free Yourself of Vacation Guilt

I’m currently on vacation looking for things to do in San Diego, and loving it. I’ve got my four kids and wife in the car the past 10 days and we’re road tripping a huge chunk of the U.S. and hitting up big reunions on both sides of our family. This is my one major vacation this whole year—I’m going to be away from my church and youth group for like 17 days or so.

I’m available to our students and church about 340 days of the year, 24/7. I don’t feel guilty when I’m gone. When I started to even feel this way, I felt guilty even saying it, much less actually doing it! I wish I learned this long ago.

Don’t punish yourself about ministry when you’re on vacation. Don’t feel guilty when you’re gone. Work impossibly hard when you’re there so you can be gone when you’re gone. Be all in so you can be all out!