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How to Avoid Student Loan Debt

  • Determine your education tax benefits. You may be able to deduct some of your education expenses. Take full advantage of any deductions allowed by the IRS.
  • Only take classes you can afford. If you find yourself needing to take on a significant debt load to pay for classes, pull back. A temporary reduction in hours is far better than the ramifications of student loan debt.
  • At the same time, finish as quickly as possible. Today, the opportunity to attend school often requires significant sacrifice. You and your family can easily get burned out with the effort if your education continues to drag on. Being intentionally hurried will increase the likelihood of you leaving school with a degree in hand.
  • While writing this post, I sent out a question on Twitter. I wanted to know how those who graduated without debt did it. Here are a few of their responses:

    A debt-free graduation is possible. You can avoid student loan debt. Wise decision-making and commitment are necessary for anyone to achieve this goal. Of course, if you must take on student loan debt, never take more than you need and pay it back as quickly as possible. Graduating without debt will be a tremendous benefit to you, your family and your future ministry.  

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