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12 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself After High School Graduation

4.) A life of selfishness produces a heart of anger and resentment.

Oh, 18-year-old Frank. Where do I start? Here’s the deal. You are extremely selfish. I am just being real. I can do that. We are the same person. 29-year-old Frank is experiencing the side effects of a life completely focused around you. You use people to get your way. You experience a lot of anger and resentment because you have unrealistic expectations of others. And this is one reason you struggle to find purpose and peace.

18-year-old Frank, you bought the lie of your culture. The lie that says true life is found in something external. Over time, you will realize true life comes from within. It comes from God. It is the product of allowing God to be your heart’s desire. It comes not from expecting others to give their time and talents to you, but from you giving your time and talents to others.

Maybe you could try some of that now. The current version of yourself would greatly appreciate it!

5.) If you wear a costume to hide who you really are, you will always feel empty.

I love you man, but you put on a huge front. Most of your life is a facade. I know this is harsh, but you need to hear it. You appear like a good kid, but once you get in front of the “right” people, your personality changes.

You can put on a mask. Most of your peers do. But always remember this. When you wear a costume, the person others love and accept isn’t actually you. It’s the costume. As long as you “play the part” your life will be plagued with emptiness. Because the love, acceptance and affirmation others give you never make it to your heart. They are absorbed by the costume.

6.) The decisions you make now shape the person you will become in the future.

18-year-old Frank, the decisions you make now matter. I know you think that’s ridiculous, but 29-year-old Frank is a testament to this truth. Perspective is a missing virtue in your life. And this clouds the reality that your future self and current decisions are intertwined.

I need to tell you that some of the bad decisions you are making now continue to rear their ugly heads 10 years later.

Consider the trajectory of your life. Who are you becoming? What do you want from life? What is your purpose? Think about these things now. Stop living for the moment. Every decision is leading your somewhere. Make decisions that point your life toward God and toward greatness.

7.) As long as you are controlled by insecurity, you are a slave to the opinions of others.

I know you struggle with insecurity. You wish you were taller. You wish you were better looking. You wish you were faster. Etc. Etc.

When you focus on the things you lack, you’re blinded to the gifts you have.

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Frank lives in Jackson, TN with his amazing wife and two boys. He loves black coffee and doing stuff outside like golf and running.