6 Steps to Writing a Bible Study

As you put together the various teaching elements to your Bible study, remember that each person has different learning styles. In order to engage various learning styles, make sure to add those elements into your study.


Step 3 – Explore the Issue

The purpose of exploring is to get teens thinking about the topic or learning objective. This can be done in many ways and is a great way to add a creative teaching activity.

Step 4 – Encounter God’s Story

The second major movement of the lesson presents or explores God’s story on the lesson topic by exploring the Bible reference or texts for the session.

Step 5 – Engage in Applying for God’s Mission

The third and last major movement of the lesson leads the group to apply God’s story to real life. Here is where Christian practices emerge that lead the group into God’s mission to redeem and restore the world.

Step 6 – Closing

This step is where you bring people to a point, to a decision, commitment of action or summarize the learning objectives. Then close in prayer.  

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Paul Sheneman
Paul Sheneman is an author, speaker and youth pastor. He serves with the Macedonia Methodist Church in Ohio. He drinks way too much coffee for his own good. His main interest is exploring Christian formation. You can follow most of his ramblings on his blog at www.discipleshipremix.com or on Twitter @PaulSheneman.

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