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How Can Teens Use Social Media to Share the Gospel?

How Can Teens Use Social Media to Share the Gospel?

I’ve been praying and thinking about how to best use Snapchat and Instagram as tools for teenagers to share their faith. I know there are some bad connotations for Shapchat (and Instagram for that matter) in many circles, but God has a way of redeeming technology to advance His mission and message.

So my question is: How?

How can we use these tools to enable teenagers to share the gospel with their peers? My sense from culture reading (and talking to my son and his friends) is that teenagers don’t text anymore—they Snapchat. And we all know that many teens use Instagram as well as many other social media platforms to engage their friends.

So how do we redeem these kinds of technologies and use them to get teenagers to begin a gospel conversation with their peers?

I’m looking for real life, practical suggestions here. Remember that I’m, for the most part, a social media ignoramus. Aside from Twitter and Facebook, I’m relatively clueless when it comes to tapping into the potential of these powerful tools. So you’ll have to explain your idea well and use small words.

And, please no lecturing on the evils of Snapchat. This post is about redeeming technology, not reaming it. Again, the question I’m looking for help with is this: How can these social media outlets be used to spark Gospel conversations among teenagers?

Your ideas are GREATLY appreciated—share below!