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4 Things Youth Group Meetings Can Learn From Improv

2) Say yes. Then add something.

– Don’t be afraid to contribute.

– Always make sure you are adding something to the discussion.

– “You’re initiations are always worthwhile.” –Tina Fey

3) Make statements.

– Don’t ask questions all of the time. Asking questions is great—at the right times. But meetings are a great place to be a part of the solutions.

– One pastor I heard speak this summer said “don’t be a rainbow puking unicorn” in meetings. Don’t agree with everything you hear. Contribute. Add something.

– Speak in statements not in apologies. (Unless of course you really were a curmudgeon or an idiot. Apologies are always good then.)

4) Believe that there are no mistakes, only opportunities.

– If you’re in a meeting or on a team that you trust, that values you, who you value, then there really isn’t any reason to fear making mistakes. Go for it. Say it. Dream it.

In improv there are no mistakes, only beautiful happy accidents.” –Tina Fey

In meetings there are no mistakes, only beautiful potentially life changing discoveries. Happy accidents are hopefully around the corner too.

What do you hope for in a meeting? Have you ever tried to change the rules?

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