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Youth Ministry Career Moves: 4 Questions to Ask Before Taking a New Job

3. Who will I supervise? And to whom will I report?

Although most youth ministers don’t manage other paid church employees, they inherit a volunteer team. You need to not only know your responsibilities but who you will lead and ask to help you carry out the vision. Before you take a job, make sure you have chemistry with those people. If you don’t, realize that you’ll have to work harder to build a team that supports you.

With every youth ministry career role, make sure it’s crystal clear where you should turn when needs, concerns, or questions arise. Some people on your staff will appear to have more authority than they do. They might not boss you around, but if you assume they have influence that they don’t, it could put you (and them) in a tricky situation.

Knowing who you report to and who reports to you will make life a lot easier when you begin in the position. You’ll know who to rely on and where to go when you face an obstacle. When taking a job, make sure you clarify roles before you jump on board.

4. Do I have a budget, and how does it work?

You must negotiate your salary, and you need to know what resources are at your disposal. Ask about the youth ministry budget and how much goes toward:

  • Tangible resources that allow you to do your job
  • Professional development to help you grow and stay relevant
  • Gratitude and training for your team

Don’t be afraid to ask about sources of income and the parish’s philosophy on giving and fundraising. You don’t want your youth ministry career and efforts to be limited because you don’t know what you can use to grow it.

If you’re looking for a job, be thorough. And don’t be afraid to have standards and ask questions. No church is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you must compromise. Depending on where you live, other options likely exist. However, if nothing seems to fit, see it as God telling you to wait or focus in a new direction. Either way, if you trust God, he will bless your youth ministry career.

What questions do you wish you had asked before your latest youth ministry career move?

This article about job questions originally appeared here.