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15 Christian T-Shirts You Might Have Owned If You Grew Up in a Youth Group

8. Jesus Is My Life Savior

christian t-shirts from youth group life savior instead of lifesaver


This one doesn’t say Jesus is a “Life Saver;” it lets the world know He is your “Life Savior” while displaying the John 3:17 Bible reference for clarity. This tangy tee can be found here.


christian t-shirts from youth group abreadcrumb & fish

The popular teenage apparel line Abercrombie & Fitch provided great inspiration for this popular Jesus story tee. Almost everyone knows the story of Jesus taking the boy’s loaves and fishes and feeding a multitude of people, one of the most popular miracles in the New Testament. When you wore this particular “witness wear” tee, you got to also proclaim to those around you that God is still in the business of working miracles. This shirt seems to have disappeared with all the snacks; I couldn’t find it anywhere.

10. Jesus: The Rock On Which I Stand

christian t-shirts from youth group jesus metallica

Rock on! I mean “the rock on which I stand,” which is what this AC/DC-style tee displays. Using Matthew 7:24-25 (which everyone who grew up attending vacation Bible School memorized), this shirt tells the world it’s wise to build your faith on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Purchase it here.

11. Jesus, Sweet King of Kings

christian t-shirts from youth group jesus reeses sweet savior king of kings

This is a sweet shirt! (Sorry, I had to.) This eye-catcher relies on the famous colors of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’ logo and even uses the delicious candy’s top as a crown. Find this shirt here.

12. YOLO

christian t-shirts from youth group jesus yolo

This one might not be as vintage as the others, but it was too good to pass up. Jesus throwing up a peace sign as He emerges from His grave might get a few inquiries from the curious. The popular YOLO (You Only Live Once) phrase is something a believer in Christ knows isn’t reality, and this shirt helps start that conversation. Boasting 1 Peter 1:3-4, this Christian t-shirt is hard to find.

13. My Savior Is Tougher Than Nails

christian t-shirts from youth group my savior is tougher than nails

If you preferred a more graphic approach, then you might’ve had one of these shirts or something similar. The blood-stained nails fit in well at a rock concert, although they’re quite mild compared to some of today’s concert shirts. The tee can still be found for purchase here.

14. Air Jesus

christian t-shirts from youth group air jesus

Here’s another one I admit I owned and wore until it was falling apart. The iconic Air Jordan logo has nothing on “Air Jesus” holding the whole world in his hand [🎵]. Yes [Napoleon Dynamite gesture] this can still be purchased (and others like it) here.

15. FedUP? Give God Control, He Delivers

christian t-shirts from youth group fedup fedex

God’s timing is always perfect! Paraphrasing Psalm 34:19, this FedEx logo-inspired “witness wear” tells all those reading that if they’re fed up with their current situation, they can give God control because He will deliver them from their troubles. You can get this delivered after purchasing it here.

The list seems endless, and I’m sure I missed a few classic “witness wear” gems. Share your favorite Christian t-shirts in the comments.

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