Uncle Jesus

Mr. Chai spent almost four years in a Chinese prison for doing the Lord’s work. He was beaten almost daily for sharing his faith but he refused to stop proclaiming the gospel. God used him to reach other prisoners and train them to reach other prisoners. Even some of his captors came to Christ because they said the only way that someone could endure what he endured was if there was a God who was strengthening him.

The constant beatings stripped Mr. Chai down. In the end he had nothing but Jesus. He would mumble and talk to himself in his cell to the point where the Chinese authorities was convinced he was some kind of psychopath.

Finally released he came back home to South Korea, his body having emaciated from 189 lbs to 100 lbs. Not only that but, as a result of the endless stream of torture his mental faculties were greatly impaired. The Korean doctors wanted to have him put in a mental hospital where they were convinced it would take him years to recover. But Mr. Chai told them that God would heal him. After one month of diving deep into the Scriptures and praying the doctors saw vast improvement.

Sometime after this he read Outbreak (which had been translated into Korean last year) he got fired up. He told me that this book greatly encouraged him to focus on the youth. I told him that he could have written the book much better than I did because he lived a spiritual outbreak in prison that infected everyone he touched.

Mr. Chai made it his goal to reach the unreachable teenagers, especially the gang kids. His desire is to reach, train and unleash just one troubled teenager for THE Cause. He knew that before he could train teenagers to reach teenagers he had to discover how to reach them himself. So he started with the troubled teenagers who hang out in front of his house. At first these teenagers would mock him and pushed him around. But the pushes from a few teens were nothing compared to the real persecution he suffered in prison so he gently persisted. At first these teens called him crazy. But, now, after months of loving them, serving them food and reaching out to them they call him “Uncle Jesus.”

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