Book Review: Switch

Finished a great book this weekend – Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. HSM has been in a continual state of change the past several years – starting with the change in leadership to the opening of the Refinery student building to now the promotion of some of our key players up into church leadership. Saddleback was built on change, and it is showing no signs of stopping. Anyhow – the book, right?

I absolutely loved Chip and Dan Heath’s previous book, Made to Stick, and this is another of that same incredible caliber. Switch is all about the elephant and the rider – how different forces within each of us interact with each other to push toward or resist change. The book offeres great practical insight, clear direction and tons of exampls to lead and influence significant change. A couple great chapters in particular gave me some insight into why people leave when others stay, how to frame change so it is attainable and letting bright spots lead your change efforts. Brilliant stuff, perfect for what I’m leading us through in our ministry these days. So good.