The Hands That Hold the World

Tanzania is an older song by Alli Rogers but it’s story can lift us up. It also addresses the push and pull of consumerism that we feel in the church and in our families. I love how it takes two very different women and puts them together hoping for the same things. If you’re like me and are needing some inspiration as you start your day, this is a good place to start.

“Someday I will wake, where my children will get a break.”

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Brooklyn Lindsey
Brooklyn recently founded The Justice Movement, a church youth movement that helps teenagers help others. Her priority is to inspire and resource youth to break cycles of poverty through faith in action. An ordained pastor, Brooklyn has served in full time youth ministry for the last 16 years, authored numerous books, contributes and communicates for Orange Leaders, and speaks at camps and conferences. She, her husband Coy, and daughters Kirra and Mya live in Lakeland, FL where they like being outside, playing with their dog Marley. @brooklynlindsey/ @thejustmove