Don't Be That Leader

When a group or organization has no collective direction or unified front then every one’s default becomes self preservation. 

If left to ourselves we will look out for ourselves and serve our interests by competing for resources, people, time, energy, attention, and affirmation eventually at the expense of everyone and everything else. 

What inevitably and unfortunately ensues are schisms, arguments, fighting, frustration, disappointment, or worse yet… giving up. If there is not proactive direction and intentionally  communicated commonality between everyone, initiated by the leader, then nobody will ever come together. 

If you want a group to function as a whole you have to give them common ground and connection.  

Sadly most leaders let everyone fend for themselves and hope that it all just works out. 

It never works out and by the time the leader steps in it’s too late.

Don’t be that leader.

I thought about this a little later in the car. If you choose to be the leader who lets people flounder or you’re the leader out of touch and don’t realize what’s going on it can be very frustrating. You will find yourself leading to please and unintentionally you become led by the group instead. Many chiefs and you’re the indian. 

Leaders serve those they lead best by giving them clarity, reassurance, and honesty. When everyone knows they have at least been heard and have an idea where you are going it frees you and the ones you serve.