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10 Steps to Reach Non-Christian Students

Thought this post over on Youth Ministry 360 was interesting as you begin to plan how to reach non-Christian students in your community. Here are a few of their first points, head there for the complete article:

Put your own ideas and plans aside
You may have an awesome, amazing, brilliantly innovative idea. But if it isn’t the right idea for the community it makes little difference. Shelve any ideas until you do your homework.

Survey your community
What does your community really need? Or at least what do people in your community feel they need? To answer this, consider surveying three groups outside your congregation: Young people, parents/guardians of young people, & community leaders.

Meet with anyone who will make time for you
It’s essential to get the information from those who have it. Find out who else works on youth issues, what is being done, what has been done in the past, and what they would like to see in the future.

Interact with the students on the streets
What you want is raw info from the demographic of people you’re hoping to reach (not your own youth group kids). Try bus stops, skateparks, and malls. Trade them a can of soda for a completed survey.


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