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The Importance of Worship to Youth Ministry Volunteers

Matt and Steven have been doing a good series of posts from the youth ministry volunteer perspective over on Volunteer Youth Ministry. Here’s the 2nd one in their series of 10 upcoming posts, this one focusing on the importance of volunteers attending an adult service. Good stuff from a rookie and veteran volunteer. Here’s a clip, head there for it all:

I really love serving in Student Ministry. I love the feeling I get when I interact with students, and I love being able to talk a student through a problem. I love seeing a student who came in with a sad face and something heavy on his heart, leave the service with a smile on his face because God worked through me to help a student work out his problem. I’d love to be able to serve at all four of our high school services each week, but I also know I can’t serve and really worship at the same time. I can pray, I can get students excited about worshiping, I can praise God, I can sing Hosanna with the best of them, but it’s not the same as attending a worship service where I am totally focused on God.

Attending worship service can make even my worst day a good one. I feel re-energized and revived and ready to serve God because I strengthened my connection to Him. I’ll pick up tidbits from worship that I’ll use in next week’s high school small group lesson. I can feel a difference when I connect with God through worship every week. Here’s the other thing….parents of my small group students often see me in worship each week.


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