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Establish Your Boundaries in Youth Ministry…Early!

I wouldn’t have known what to call it then, what questions to ask, nor what to say since it wasn’t even a topic on my radar. But looking back at that ministry I would have framed it around the topic of boundaries and self-care. The only pastoral advice I had been given at the time were “Take a day off if you come back from a retreat or mission trip” (self care), and “Be careful as a single college director working with female college students” (boundaries). That was it, and unfortunately I think that too often that is the extent of what most youth pastors will be taught in this area.

The topic of boundaries, self-care and burnout has been a very important topic to me in the last couple of years (as you can probably tell by my posts in the last few weeks) — and especially in the area of youth ministry, since how you establish those things at that stage of ministry often sets you up for failure or success in later years.

So check out the rest of the above post that I wrote for Youth Specialties, Setting Up for the Long Haul: Establishing Boundaries and Self-Care.