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Why Volunteers Small Group Leaders Should Send Parent Letters!

By sending a small group update to parents of my small group students each week:

– I’ve built friendships with parents where there was not a connection at all

– Parents are finally getting the information I want them to know (instead of just hoping students will remember to pass it along)

– Parents feel comfortable approaching me because I’ve already take the first step (they know they’re not invading their sons’ “no parents” domain)

– Parents are stepping in to help (in a good way) without even being asked

– I’m getting amazing feedback I would never hear otherwise. Parents have been great to affirm the difference small group is making in their sons’ lives

Bottom line EVERYBODY wins when small group leaders take the time to keep in regular contact with parents! A little effort brings huge rewards.

You can read the weekly emails I send on this blog by clicking here

Here are a few responses I got from the most recent parent update e-mail I sent:

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Dennis Beckner has served in youth ministry leadership for Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA since 1999. Dennis is a contributor and speaker to youth training events, writing projects and other engagements. Contact him at his blog, VolunteerYouthMinistry.com.