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Ministry Lessons: Consistency is King

I rarely miss teaching my small group or being present for our weekend services. If I’m consistent, it helps me hold my students accountable to also be consistent. It also shows my dedication. Being self-employed, I rely on appointments for my income. I’ll typically lose a good amount of money each year for the sake of being consistent to my responsibilities. Of course I don’t tell my students this, I only share that information in this post to illustrate the priority ministry commitments need to have in our lives.

Commitment requires sacrifice. As a coach of other leaders, I’ve seen the effects of inconsistent leadership. It’s worth the lost income to get the ministry and relational results. I have actually recommended that inconsistent leaders not be allowed to return as small group leaders the following year. Inconsistency is not a good example and it’s not fair to the students. They deserve consistent caring adults they can count on.

Find a Ministry Partner

There have been rare times that missing small group is unavoidable. Because of this, I’ve connected with another leader who also has had to be out of town occasionally on a small group night. Every time he is gone, I combine his group with mine. When I’m gone, he takes my students. This way our students are not passed around. They always know they’ll have one of us there to lead them. This has helped keep the perception of consistency in their lives even when one of us is absent.

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Dennis Beckner has served in youth ministry leadership for Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA since 1999. Dennis is a contributor and speaker to youth training events, writing projects and other engagements. Contact him at his blog, VolunteerYouthMinistry.com.