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And Now A Ministry Lesson I Continually Fail

Have you ever met this dude? His name is Yes Sir. Yes Sir has learned the truth about people and plays it to his advantage. People are usually more inclined to be generous to the ones they like.

When people have excess, margin, or opportunity to share they don’t think about the commodity and the best fit for that need. When they have a task to accomplish and a team to build for it; people who disagree with them are not recruited to it. So, Yes Sir makes sure he’s liked by everyone. He is a peacekeeper not a peacemaker. He’s everywhere and is the recipient of ministry ride share. He’s on every one’s bus.

Because he’s only focused on making everyone happy, he will never have to stand for anything other than you. Ask him what he thinks he’ll say, “I don’t know. What do you think? That’s what I think too.” You love that guy. You always want him around. Why would Yes Sir change? Our self absorbed culture rewards him.

But the moment Yes Sir gets a spine, believes in something so much that he’s accused of tunnel vision, and thinks about what he has to say “no” to in order to say “yes” to the goal; he slowly begins to polarize himself from those he can no longer make happy.

When people have margin, excess, or opportunity to share Yes Sir is off the radar. Even if Yes Sir presents the most tangible need for the commodity to share, his new found passion and conviction will be a wall to those who can’t see what he sees or can’t understand why he’s not around. He can no longer afford to be purveyor of every one’s ego.

I envy Yes Sir sometimes because unfortunately it pays to be him. But I’d rather be alone on a hill going after what God has laid on my heart than have every one’s approval because I never stand for anything other than who is in front of my face.

If you are not a Yes Sir… you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Chad Swanzy has served in youth ministry for 15 years and currently works as the student ministry director at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. Learn more from Chad and ask him your questions at ChadSwanzy.com.