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Orange One Day Conference Carey Nieuwhof and Sue Miller


Interview – Around the Country

Carey Nieuwhof & Sue Miller

Perceptions families have of the church.

Barna interviewed 1000 adults who went to church and didn’t go.

Insights gained…

50% – Of parents said having kids did not change their level of church engagement.

We’re declaring victory too soon we’re not winning with our target.

Invest and Invite…

If you don’t connect with someone relationally your program will never be enough.

41% of adults already attending church were not surveyed as experience a change of engagement in church activity when they had kids.

The ownership is on us to connect.

We have the core kids, occasional attendees, marginal attendees…

What would it look like to ask them intentionally, “How can we connect with you relationally.”

55% – Of adults who say they are un-churched had actually gone to church once in a two year span.

They come but we don’t catch them. We have an audience… how do we position ourselves to make things work better in connection.

Parents are not always clear

21% Advice and Guidance

5% teaching or scriptural knowledge

45% could only say church expectations were clear on parenting

1 in 5 parents said the church was intentional about helping them as parents.

Wanting something from people instead of wanting something for them…

Elevate what you want for them not from them.

How does strategy play in your role as senior pastor?

Carey – Understanding strategy and having a strategy are two different things.

Boil things down to a set of values for families that keep things simple and streamlined for a common language.

If you can’t write on a napkin and explain it in five minutes it’s too complicated.

Say the vision over and over again. Find creative ways to say it over and over again.

If you change the core message over and over again you lose people.

It take a leader to kill something so new life can thrive.

Family ministry is the best Gateway to get into the lives of families who don’t attend our church.

They don’t think anything about going to church but do think constantly about their pain brokenness.

Do your homework before you ask when changing or simplifying vision.

How does it tie into what your leader cares about and into the mission of the church.

Have solutions for the problems proposed.

Remember how busy your leaders are.

A leader has to think about how the entire body is influenced and not just the compartments.

63% – They try to help their children develop relationships with caring and trusted adults outside of the home.

28% strongly push their activity for above

Small group leaders must value kids and be in their lives. Parents will react to this positively.

You need another voice as a parent saying the same thing to influence children and the home.

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Chad Swanzy has served in youth ministry for 15 years and currently works as the student ministry director at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. Learn more from Chad and ask him your questions at ChadSwanzy.com.