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A Little Critiquing Goes A Long Way

I’ve been video taping my teaching so I can evaluate how I’m doing as objectively as possible. It’s been quite an enlightening experience. Here are some things I noticed from last week’s teaching:

– I tend to limp around (I have no reason to limp)
– I move around WAY too much
– A couple of times I’ve walked in circles
– I shush the students a lot (I need to have our volunteers control the room better)
– I really need to take off some weight. Sure the camera adds 10 pounds, but yikes!

All of this to say that a little evaluation can go a long way to helping us give our students the best, most memorable experience we can. Even if you’re not the on-stage teacher, replaying conversations we have with students, thinking through the jokes we make or reactions we give, basically everything we do in youth ministry can be better if we spend time thinking through what we’ve done and how we could do it better. That’s also what good blog posts are made of… stuff we learn along the way that we can pass on to others.