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What to Do When a Student Leaves Your Youth Group

Students leaving your youth ministry is a tough reality of what we do as youth workers. I thought that Paul Turner had some timely thoughts about losing students from your ministry today on his blog. Here’s a clip of his action steps, if this is something you’re dealing with I would encourage you to head there for the rest!

4. Encourage kids to see the future
When a student leaves, and it could effect others, move quickly to rally the troops. Talk with them about the future and the vision of the youth ministry. Share with them how you see them making this happen and that they are valued.

5. Don’t close the door or give away their seat
Kids are fickle. If they leave by their own choice to another group, whether it’s be a heat of the moment decision or a gradual drift, keep communication lines open. I have had kids leave and come back a year later. I have kids who went to other groups but still call me when they have a problem. Just because a kid is not in your group any longer, does not mean God has released you from them or cancelled any future plans to minister to them. Oh, that girl that left my group and told the group why she was leaving? I am performing her wedding this year.

You can’t stop kids from leaving. It’s part of the job. We have to learn, as hard as it may be, not to take each one personally. We have to look to the Lord, who Himself had a mass exodus at a critical time in his life. Yet, we find Him visiting with those same disciples, eating fish and chatting around the fire about life. If He can do it, so can we.


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