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Saving Face vs. Admitting That You’re Wrong

It’s hard to work with someone who can’t admit that they’re wrong. It’s even more difficult to serve on a team with someone who lies constantly. Can I just say this?

We know you’re lying. We can see through it.

Not only can your co-workers see through the plastic mask that is your untruth. The next generation has the best crap-detectors I have ever seen in my life.

What does this mean for you, leader?

1. Not admitting that you’re wrong = Lack of trust with your team

2. Not being trustworthy takes away your credibility and diminishes your ability to lead. Don’t get me wrong: you may have a title, but you have no actual leadership with real people. You’ve lost that.

3. Why are you a leader in the first place? Because you’ve got skills? Because you want to be in front? John Maxwell put it this way: “There’s only one reason to be a leader, and that’s to help people.”

Character is everything. You don’t have to have character to lead. But you do have to have character to be a leader who’s worth following.

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Mark is the Student Pastor at Indian Springs Baptist Church just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. He has a passion to help students realize their potential in God’s Kingdom.