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Are You Overexposing Yourself?

I examined my week and I decided I was spending too much time with kids. Is that possible? I think it is. I saw kids on Sunday and Wednesday, I had a student leadership meeting on Monday, I was taking homeschool kids to lunch, Facbooking, and on and on. I don’t think kids need us that much. It’s us who think kids need us that much.
I think overexposure:
  • Dulls our voice. They hear us all the time.
  • Makes us a buddy more than a leader.
  • Keeps us from being objective in some cases.
  • Keeps us from valuable think time.
  • Depletes us emotionally.

Examine your schedule. Where can you cut back on being overexposed? What do you think, can you spend too much time with kids?

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Paul lives in Birmingham, Al. with my wife and three great kids, two of which are teenagers. He has been a youth leader for 20 years.