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A Student's Definition of Time

Guest Post by Chase Miller

In the next minute or so I will teach you how to become the coolest youth pastor, increase your average attendance and get real results. The best part is, all you have to do is understand the teenagers definition of one word: Time. There is no better way to spend these next few minutes than to keep reading.

Students often compare things. For example – I have 10 minutes; should I go on Facebook or start homework.

But what about when they have an Hour or Two; is Youth Group more important than studying for a test, or watching the latest episode of Glee?

Here is the thing you need to realize: students only show up if they are benefiting, growing or see the value of going to church each week.

So as a youth pastor you need to utilize all your resources to make your youth group a place students value in all aspects. From hanging out with friends to learning more about God; you need to make it the best possible value for their hour and a half that night.

Their are tons of options on how to do this. My personal favorite is bringing in a Guest Speaker for a week or two. Its a great opportunity to promote ahead of time and encourage every student to show up. Maybe even offer free food depending on how big your budget is, because students love free food.

Encourage students to invest in their church; from sharing their testimony to running the slides during worship, always offer ways for students to add value. Another big thing is to start and end on time. Brain storm some ideas and maybe even ask a couple students what they would change or add.

Just remember this cold honest truth (right or wrong); students compare the value of activities and you need to make church the best value out there.

Chase Miller is a High School student from Orange County, CA. He loves to surf, tweets occasionally and would love to Guest Post on your Blog!!

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