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Future, Faith and Football

God is in control of Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow…his life and his career in the NFL.  I like TT a lot.  I love his love for the Lord, his boldness in the national spotlight to proclaim the Gospel and his passion to play the game he loves, football, but there are dangers to some pursuits if he is not careful. 

Here is a good article on the matter of Tim’s faith and the future of his football as well as the dangers of “success”.

Here is a highlight.

“I know there are a lot of people who believe in me as a player and a person,” Tebow told the Denver Post, “and I don’t want to let them down.”This fear is a powerful, if dangerous, motivator. Tebow puts a lot of pressure on himself. He wants success, because success means fans, and fans mean people will hear him preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some might even be compelled by his success as a football player and role model to believe what he believes. If he doesn’t play in Denver, everything falls apart. Or so Tebow may fear.I pray this is not how he truly thinks, because no one needs this kind of pressure. Indeed, no one can stand it. Only Jesus is the perfect role model who never fails us, who triumphed over death even when the world mocked him as a failure. None can compare. Thankfully, we don’t need to. God has won the ultimate victory that secures eternal fellowship with him for all who believe.”

Keep the main thing, the main thing Tim…no matter what happens in my home state of Colorado!  I am rooting for you!

Tim Tebow at Gospel Collision.

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