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5 Reasons You Are Not Encouraged by Your Leader

I can list for you really quickly which leaders I have served that have really encouraged me and those who have been … not so encouraging. I’m pretty sure we can all create this list. Encouragement is so important because we all need it. Chances are you have had moments where you were starved for encouragement and just didn’t get it. I know I have been there. I recall one particular day where I was chatting with a former boss about how things felt like they were falling apart in my world. I was hurting and really needed some encouragement. I’ll never forget his response to me: “Well, you won’t get any sympathy from me.” Wow, I thought… thanks for your ministry. That day I wanted to quit.

Over the years God has taught me about the power of encouragement and I certainly try to be encouraging to people that I serve with, although I’ll be the first to admit that I have room to grow! Today I wanted to share with you a post my friend Doug Fields just recently wrote titled: “5 Reasons You’re Not Encouraged by Your Leader or Boss.” This post caught my attention and I just had to share it because it suggests a few reasons why you may not be getting the encouragement you so need, desire, or deserve.

Here are 3 of the 5 reasons he shared:
1. Leaders are insecure – While we often assume those in charge have a strong sense of self and security, it’s not always the case. Many leaders are deeply insecure and their insecurity has been the fuel that has driven them to acquire the position. They’ve reached high status with low regard for their own.

2. Leaders assume people already know their strengths, qualities and skills – Some leaders treat others as if the paycheck is all the encouragement that’s needed. If they’ve still got a job, it can be assumed their doing a good job. Getting paid should be encouragement enough.

3. Natural encouragement wasn’t modeled – I’ve had leaders tell me, “I’ve just never seen effective displays of affirmation.” Sad, but true. Many leaders are product of an affirmation-free environment and honestly don’t know the power of encouragement, nor have seen encouragement liberally handed-out.

Go [here] to read the rest of his post.
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