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30 Day Challenge Fact Sheet and FAQ

Interested in the 30 day workout challenge at SEBTS, or in doing something similar through your ministry? The following gives an overview of what we will be doing:

Fact: Ministers today, particularly those in the SBC, demonstrate a remarkable lack of focus on physical fitness as a part of their sanctification. Yet the Bible speaks often about the role of discipline in general and fitness in particular (I Tim 3:2-7; 4:7-8; Titus 1:8; 2:1, 6; to name a few).

Fact: At SEBTS we seek to train the whole person, focusing on helping young men and women grow in faith, in love, in knowledge of Christ, as well as in discipline, for the word disciple and discipline share the same root.

August 29-September 30, a 30 Day Fitness Challenge will be held in the Multipurpose Room at the Ledford Center. It will be begin promptly at 7 AM and conclude at 745 on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The goal of the workout is twofold: first, to help you to get in better shape, and to push your body even as you stretch your mind in class. Second, to teach basic principles about exercise and diet to help change your mindset from a self-indulgent, American worldview (i.e. to take the path of least resistance, hardly a cross centered life) to a disciplined, surrendered life to Christ in all of life.

The workout will continue on Mondays and Fridays the rest of the semester for those who wish to stay involved. Participants will also sign a covenant agreeing to do some form of cardio work on alternating days and to eat a little better than a typical, fast-food gorging, processed-food loving, taste-buds pleasing, immediate-gratification over long-term growth attitude.

The workout will be led by Dr.Alvin Reid from the faculty and some outstanding students. It will be encouraging in tone but challenging as well. It features a complete body workout: chest, shoulders, arms abs and core, and legs, as well as some cardio. Students will only need to bring a towel (you will sweat), a bottle of water (DNA replacement), and weights or bands. You DO NOT have to be in great shape, but you do need to be willing to work.

HOW TO SELECT WEIGHTS/BANDS: go to the weight room at SEBTS. Pick up a set of dumbbells. Do 15 reps of military press (weight from shoulders straight up toward the sky) followed by 15 curls (hands at sides, curl up with the weights). If you cannot do 15 reps of each, go to a lighter weight. If doing 15 of each is easy, get a bigger weight. If you do not have weights you may borrow a set from the weight room if you return them after each workout, but once you settle on a weight you will need to buy your own.

This is a fun (yes it is fun!) way to begin your mornings before class, with other believers, pushing one another in a vital area of life. Sign up in the Ledford Center at Student Life or at Dr. Reid’s office in Jacumin Simmons, or simply join the Facebook group “Doc Reid’s Workout Friends” where information is posted regularly.

Thanks to Dean of Students Mark Liederbach and his staff for providing this opportunity to help students discipline themselves for the purpose of godliness (II Tim 4:7).

See you at 7 AM sharp on August 29!  For FAQ see below:

  1. Do I need to be in great shape to join?  No, but if you have any health issues you should check with a doctor first. You will be able to ease into the workout, but it is quite strenuous once you get rolling.
  2. What gear do I need? First a clock, because you must be on time to get warmed up and stretched out (this is very important)? Second, as noted above, dumbbells or exercise bands, a towel, and water.
  3. What is the workout? It is a weight training built on some principles you see in P90 or P90X, but designed to be a full body workout done 3 times a week. We will work chest, shoulders, arms, stomach, core, legs, the whole 9 yards!
  4. I am a girl, should I be lifting weights? Yes. You will not become a hulk doing this for 30 days J. This is a workout to get you in shape, not become a body builder.
  5. If I just do this 3 times a week will I get in great shape and lose weight? You should never exercise without considering your diet. We hope to encourage you to think differently about diet, seeing what you eat as related to your growth as a follower of Christ. You will be agreeing to do cardio 3 days a week and learning some simple facts (and practicing them) regarding diet. If you do that, you will in fact lose weight and get in better shape.  I have lost 30 pounds, which includes adding a good bit of muscle, over the last 2 years, and feel so much better now.
  6. How do I sign up? Join the “Doc Reid’s Workout Friends” Facebook group first. Also, you can sign up by emailing Doc at areid@sebts.edu.
  7. What is the ultimate goal of this challenge? First, to give a group of people a chance to encourage one another and to have fun while pushing each other in godliness. The ultimate goal however is to help change your trajectory for the rest of your life in diet and exercise, making you more able to serve the Lord Jesus with energy.  We will be posting the entire workout so you can continue to do it (or those who simply cannot join us in the mornings can be a part), and will be videotaping it as well.


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Alvin L. Reid (born 1959) serves as Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he has been since 1995. He is also the founding Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism. Alvin and his wife Michelle have two children: Joshua, a senior at The College at Southeastern, and Hannah, a senior at Wake Forest Rolesville High School. Recently he became more focused at ministry in his local church by being named Young Professionals Director at Richland Creek Community Church. Alvin holds the M.Div and the Ph.D with a major in evangelism from Southwestern Seminary, and the B.A. from Samford University. He has spoken at a variety of conferences in almost every state and continent, and in over 2000 churches, colleges, conferences and events across the United States.