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Juggling Marriage, Family, and Ministry

Last Friday I had the privilege of hanging out with Kurt and Jake- two friends who work for Saddleback Church about 2 hours North of us.  We’ve known one another for years now, crossing paths from time to time at conferences and training events for youth ministry.   They are now filming a weekly podcast through Simply Youth Ministry- the same publisher that I’m currently in the process of writing a book for that is due out in early 2012.

It’s entitled “As for Me and My [Crazy] House.  – guarding your heart, marriage, and family from the demands of ministry

So that, among other things, led them to call and ask me if I would be a guest on their show and talk about this juggling act we all do in ministry.  Since I was local enough, I drove up and hung out with them for about a 20 minute interview and some chattin’ off camera afterwards.

It was tons of fun and a joy to do.  It’s “Episode 6- released Sept 4, 2011” and if you want to give the interview a listen, here’s 3 ways you can do that:

#1. Subscribe or download the video here on itunes.

#2. Subscribe or download the audio here on itunes.

#3.  Skip itunes and watch it directly on their website here:  simply youth ministry show.  Fast forward to minute 12 or so if you wanna just cut to my interview.

If you give it a listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective on the issue too.

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Brian Berry is a proven veteran of student ministry. He serves as the generation ministries pastor at Journey Community Church near San Diego, California, where he works directly with the high school ministry and oversees a staff that is responsible for infants through teens. Brian is also a frequent blogger, writes and teaches for youth workers, and is the author of both As for Me and My Crazy House and Criticism Bites. He speaks at various conferences, camps, and retreats for a variety of audiences. He is married to Shannon, and they have five kids.