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If You Want To Be Used By God…

The horrors of the world sometimes overpower our view of God’s providence.

When life gets hard, and answers aren’t tangible, or even in plain view, we begin to panic frantically, as if the One who watches us is sleeping.

“He doesn’t slumber, nor does He sleep.” – Psalm 121

In the context of David’s era, times were crazy. Like a mob flick, where the characters stab each other in the back (sometimes literally), all of David’s contemporaries were competing for honor, revenge, or blatant personal gain. We learn to love David as we walk through the book of 1 Samuel. His love, his patience, loyalty, and most of all, faith in God is inspiring. Continuing on in 2 Samuel, we see his story play out.

Having been in dire circumstances, running from Saul, and becoming friends with Saul’s son, Jonathon, the table turns. Saul and his sons have died in battle. The one who killed Saul (upon Saul’s own request) brought news to David, as if if were good news.

The power struggle begins.

David is made king over Judah, and Ish-bosheth, son of Saul is made king over Israel. However, his formal kingship stopped at the loyalty of the people towards David. A civil war breaks out. Abner, Saul’s army commander, brings his best men, as David does the same. Without going into detail, many fall on both sides, though Abner lost a significant amount more than David.

The feud ensues.

Many are murdered in the interplay that follows. David, mourning the loss of many, follows God through the storm.

What happens next is worth waiting for…

Upon being made king (remember…the previous kings had died), David calls upon God for every need. Then, in 2 Samuel, there is one, striking sentence that frames David’s life.

“Go, do all that is in your mind [David], for the LORD is with you.” 2 Samuel 7:3.

His friend, Nathan, a prophet reminded David that he could do most anything, because his heart was aligned with God. God promises that if our hearts are aligned with His, that we could ask for anything, because it would be on His heart, too.

May you be used by God in such a way as David. But may you desire God as David did.

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Mark is the Student Pastor at Indian Springs Baptist Church just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. He has a passion to help students realize their potential in God’s Kingdom.