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The Influence of Blogging

I blog about youth ministry partly out of passion for the task, somewhat as an outlet for ideas, but mostly to somehow be a resource to other youth workers. It’s great to help others avoid some of my mistakes, alter a perspective now and then or pass along the occasional joy of something that went awesome.

Then I came across Google Analytics today. It was so cool to see that people in many parts of the world have checked in at one time or another. That was amazingly cool. It’s definitely not a pride thing. I’m just stoked that not only am I writing, but somebody out there is reading. It kind of fills my tank to keep going.

Do you have something to say in the world of youth ministry? Start a blog or send in a guest post. I’d love to have more voices speaking into the lives of other youth workers through VolunteerYouthMinistry.com.

Much appreciation,