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Appreciating Your Ministry Volunteers

Thought that Lisa over at CollegeMinistry.com had some great thoughts about thanking volunteers as they help serve in your ministry. Made me think about some of our leaders who could use a thank you this week. Here’s a clip of the whole article, head there for the rest:

  1. A hand-written letter sent to their home.  Yep, I like being old school sometimes.  And in the sea of bills and junk mail, what a simple note has the capacity to mean to someone—who feels unappreciated, undervalued, unloved, forgotten—is ridiculous in comparison to the time and effort it takes to write one.
  2. Show some love on facebook.  During our weekly services, I write down students’ names who I see helping or who look like they need encouragement so I don’t forget.  Then I just write a simple message on their facebook wall.  Public acknowledgement of someone’s service allows and invites others to “like” and appreciate them as well.
  3. For larger events that have required an extra-huge time and work commitment, I give gift cards to our volunteers, or take them to lunch or coffee, and make sure I tell them how much they mean to our ministry.
  4. Pray for and with your volunteers.  Ask them how their week was and how you can pray for them.  What a powerful way to care for your volunteers!


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