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The Random Post on Life and Ministry

I try to keep this blog strictly youth ministry focused, but I think it is fair to reveal what is happening to the dude, aka me, who runs reyouthpastor.com.

– wife and i switched roles.  my wife is working in middle school ministry and I am volunteering in middle school ministry. a year ago, i was working in youth ministry and she was volunteering.

–  i am co-leading a middle school boys small group and i love it.  i think middle schoolers teach me more about God– their  raw questions and fearless pursuit of Jesus is unlike any other age group.

– i read the book:  The Heart and the Fist:  The education of a humanitarian, the making of a Navy Seal and i loved it. i learned that strength comes from working through pain.  to be a Navy Seal is as much a question of moral character as it is a question of physical courage.  the best thing about this book was how Eric was able to discern when to apply unconditional love and grace and when to exert force.

–  we bought a home and have really sunk our heels into a community.

–  as of late, i have really been struggling with the philosophical question of:  when is one truly content-satisfied?  how does one arrive at happiness?  my rough answer to this question is:  God, wife/family, friendship, contemplation and great food.  I think this is how Aristotle would answer this question.  I heavily consulted the his book:  Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

–  i finished the Insanity Workout as promise here.  it was by far the toughest workout i have ever done.

–  last week, i visited my old youth group in laguna beach and it has doubled in size since i left.  more about this in a later blog post.

–  i am love working with Orange/XP3.  some really sharp, creative people that are constantly asking the questions of:  How can we do family ministry better?  How can we reach the next generation?  I am learning a ton from a wide range of youth pastors.

–  excited for my friend Jared Herd’s new book More Lost Than Found.  this project started in his apartment in pasadena, ca as he explored the question of:  what message does the next generation need to hear most?

– became an auburn fan

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Jeremy Zach easily gets dissatisfied with status quo. He reeks with passion and boredom is not in his vocabulary. He becomes wide awake when connecting with student pastors, thinking and writing about student ministry, experimenting with online technology, and working out. He is married to Mikaela and has two calico cats, Stella and Laguna. He lives in Alpharetta, Georgia and is a XP3 Orange Specialist for Orange—a division of the REthink Group. Zach holds a Communication degree from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary.