Mini Time Capsules

27 years ago when I was, a couple of weeks before my 14th birthday, I started making these time capsules. I was always intrigued with the passage of time. Several times I would gaze at the time capsule in the small town where I grew up. I thought it would be cool to save some memories from my childhood and “send them ahead to the future” (Back To The Future was big around that time).

Tonight (2 years late), I opened my first 2 time capsules. It was kind of cool.

I convey this idea to my students because I want them to do the same. While they are in a place of being spiritually fed right now, I want them to bottle some of that up for later in life. During this spiritually fertile time in their lives, I want them to send some memories of God’s goodness in their lives ahead to a time hen they may not feel so close to God.

When my students graduate high school, their spiritual formation will require a lot more effort on their part. Distractions and other pursuits, possibly even tragedy, can take their focus off of the goodness of God and their dedication to him. Time capsules from better times can be a path back to being restored to God and finding healing in their lives.