Storage Room Lesson

This week our small group lesson was about developing habits that would lead to spiritual growth. One of the biggest barriers to spiritual growth is our preoccupation with things that distract us from God.

The best way I could think of to help this sink into my students was to have our small group in a storage closet.

– I asked them what in the room was distracting – they came up with several items
– This was followed up by saying, “Here’s why we’re in this crowded room. We surround ourselves with so many distractions in life that we can’t connect with God”
– It was obvious they were getting it
– The next question was, “What are some ways you connect with God?”
– One way I connect with God is by turning on Pandora and typing in Chris Tomlin or another worship leader and listen to a few songs
– I played a song on Pandora for them
– After the song, I asked, “How did that song differ from the music you usually listen to?”
– No answers, just giggles – That point was made (Their music isn’t as pure as I wish it was)
– How can we connect with God when we never turn off the noise and worship God?
– Another way I connect with God is to go to and listen to the Bible – I played a chapter for them. I told them I can get through about 5 chapters in about 20 minutes an get a lot out of it
– Taking a 10-mile walk is a great way to clear my mind, work through issues and connect with God

We had a lot of discussion around these points. It was pretty cool. Near the end of he lesson, a staff member came into he storage room, climbed up the ladder and got a book he needed. I used it as an example of another distraction in our lives that could redirect our attntion away from having hang time with God.