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What I Do When Work-Stress Cranks Up?

We’re less than 10 days away from our fall small groups retreat … the biggest one we’ve ever done! Super-exciting, for sure. And yet – it’s at a brand new location, and we have some new key leaders who’ve never done an event like this before. I think that “stress” can be an over-used word, but I do know this: I have a lot to get done and a lot to pay attention to over these next 10 days. So I’m reminding myself of several things:

1- Picturing the Faces! When the details of a big initiative threaten to bog me down, I work hard to remember who we’re trying to reach with our efforts. In a meeting last week, one of our team said “I just have to keep picturing students faces”… and I totally agree. Praying for specific students by name helps me focus on why what we’re doing is so important.

2- Remembering Who’s Big. In the book A Disrusptive Faith, A.W.Tozer writes “A basic truth of the Bible is that the source of most evil is …. a low opinion of God”. That was not what I expected to read for the 2nd half of that sentence! Tozer cautions me not to pull God down to my size – but to remember how big He is… and how much more He is interested in students than I am!

3- Tackling the Next Most-Important Item. Sitting around in a mire of worry never helps! Figuring out what the next biggest challenge is – – and getting ‘er done puts more wind in the sails for me.

4- Working Together! One of the biggest threats I know of is isolation & lack of unity. Even if you’re only partnering with one other person, keep communicating well, praying for each other, and united in your efforts.

5- Keep Cracking Open my Bible.   You know why!

I can’t wait for our retreat. Now … I’ve got to go Tackle the Next Big Item on my list.

(Feel Free to add anything that you remind yourself of in times like these… maybe I can benefit!)

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Scott Rubin has been on staff at Willow Creek Community Church for 18 years, and he's currently the director of Elevate, the junior high ministry at Willow Creek. Scott, along with an entirely-fantastic team of staff and volunteer leaders, has the privilege of helping young adolescents follow Jesus. He also co-authored two books in the Middle School Survival Series with Mark Oestreicher.