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What I Do When Work-Stress Cranks Up?

We’re less than 10 days away from our fall small groups retreat … the biggest one we’ve ever done! Super-exciting, for sure. And yet – it’s at a brand new location, and we have some new key leaders who’ve never done an event like this before. I think that “stress” can be an over-used word, but I do know this: I have a lot to get done and a lot to pay attention to over these next 10 days. So I’m reminding myself of several things:

1- Picturing the Faces! When the details of a big initiative threaten to bog me down, I work hard to remember who we’re trying to reach with our efforts. In a meeting last week, one of our team said “I just have to keep picturing students faces”… and I totally agree. Praying for specific students by name helps me focus on why what we’re doing is so important.

2- Remembering Who’s Big. In the book A Disrusptive Faith, A.W.Tozer writes “A basic truth of the Bible is that the source of most evil is …. a low opinion of God”. That was not what I expected to read for the 2nd half of that sentence! Tozer cautions me not to pull God down to my size – but to remember how big He is… and how much more He is interested in students than I am!

3- Tackling the Next Most-Important Item. Sitting around in a mire of worry never helps! Figuring out what the next biggest challenge is – – and getting ‘er done puts more wind in the sails for me.

4- Working Together! One of the biggest threats I know of is isolation & lack of unity. Even if you’re only partnering with one other person, keep communicating well, praying for each other, and united in your efforts.

5- Keep Cracking Open my Bible.   You know why!

I can’t wait for our retreat. Now … I’ve got to go Tackle the Next Big Item on my list.

(Feel Free to add anything that you remind yourself of in times like these… maybe I can benefit!)