Girls Only Sunday

Guest Post by Neely McQueen

Yesterday at church we had a little time with the high school girls only! It was awesome…and fun…and funny. I love being in a room where we can talk openly about girl issues and laugh about things that are only for girls ears. Myself and 2 other leaders (Leah and Laura) shared on the topics of Friendship, Love and Faith. Our idea was to talk about what the world says about each of these topics (in relation to being a girl) and what God says to us.

Friends (Laura spoke here)- She shared about how the world has lowered the idea of friendship and challenged girls to go after the model of friendship that is throughout scripture.

Love (Leah spoke here)- She covered a lot in a short time and did a great job helping the girls see that God’s design for love is better than the world’s standards of love. She hit topics like physical boundaries, sexting…and compared them to 1 Corinthians 13.

Faith (I spoke here)- I had the girls share a little bit about what media says about being a Christian- we talked about some of the lies that they see on TV and in movies. My big challenge came to them in the idea that Satan wants to convince them that they are Sleeping Beauty waiting for something/someone to happen to them so that they can finally live. My goal was to help them see themselves as not sleeping princesses but warrior princesses like the women of the Bible. We talked about Mary – a young teenage girl who by being willing to surrender herself to God she became a warrior princess. The Christmas story – the start of Jesus’ story began in a teenage girl. My hope was that they could see that being a teenage girl is never a reason not to be fully surrendered to God and his plans for their life to bring redemption to the world. Stop being a Sleeping Beauty and start being a Warrior Princess!

Next weekend we get to hang out with the boys only- What do they need to hear?

Neely McQueen has been working with teen girls for over 15 years. She is also married to a pastor and the mom of 3 cute kids. Follow her on twitter.