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Illustration: Pre-wired to Know God is Good

I’ve used this illustration twice now. Both times I’ve seen lights go on in the minds of students. This illustration can be used by any teacher by changing the points of pain to reflect your own life.

1. I ask, “If this building burned to the ground and everything is going crazy, how is it designed to protect us?”
Answers from students might be:
– Exit signs
– Emergency lights
– Smoke detectors
– Sirens

2. People thought ahead of time to make sure we’re taken care of if something really bad happens in this building. We’ll be okay and get out safely.

3. Life gets crazy from time to time. Tragedy strikes, parents get divorced, friends move away, relationships break up…

4. I want you to be pre-wired for when life falls apart to know that God is good. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

5. Where is God when life goes crazy? Right where he’s always been. I’ve had tragedy in my life. It has happened or will happen to all of us.

6. My mom is my favorite person in the world. Unfortunately, she will pass away some day. I hope that day is a long way off. However, when it does, God will still be good. He will not have abandoned me. This will bring me comfort because I’ve pre-wired myself to trust him and know he never leaves me.

7. I want you to have the same assurance in your life so you don’t turn against God as your source of help when you need him most. People blame all kinds of things on God and get bitter against him. They go for years distant from him and miss out on the intimacy they could have with him.

8. My most intimate experience with God was my first time worshiping in church after his funeral. Singing praises to him while I was so empty and hurting inside was an act of faith on my part and brought on an act of embracing me with his presence on his part.