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Hearing The Gospel For The First Time

Think about this for the moment. Hearing the gospel for the first time. Those of us who have been Christians for a while, can’t really imagine this. We heard it, accepted it, and joined the rank and file. Maybe that’s the problem. We did not have to find an underground church to hear this good news. We did not kicked out of our houses because we confessed Christ to our Muslim family. We did not have to share a portion of the Bible that was passed from house to house. Yet, in America, there are kids hearing the gospel for the first time. They are in your youth group.

I just read a post by Seth Godin. He said

“Campbell’s soup is almost never bought for the first time. It is a replacement purchase. No one switches to Campbell’s either. They buy it because their mom did.”

Many of our kids are being handed down something less than the good news from previous generations. They’re inheriting the religion of their parents, but in many cases, it’s not the good news. Our kids have been taught that it’s good to go to church,  the bible is a good book, be faithful but not fanatical, and give when it’s convenient. This is not good news. It’s bad. The kids we get speak to every week have not made a choice, they come with what was passed on to them.

How would you/do you get your teens turn in their Campbells soup for something “new”?