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How to Motivate Your Volunteers for Training

Training to motivate

A second important aspect of lack of training is the quality of the training itself. Are your trainings valuable, fun, something volunteers don’t want to miss? Or are they okay-ish, kinda good to see everyone, but other than that not much news?

If you want your volunteers to be motivated for training, you have to deliver quality youth ministry training. It’s not just about dumping info, it’s about inspiring. It’s not about passive knowledge, it’s about the tools to change lives for eternity. Youth ministry training is of crucial importance, because there’s so much at stake…but does the content and quality of your training reflect that?

Creating motivation

Nobody is constant motivated to do youth ministry, we all have days, weeks and even seasons when we’re tired. We’ve temporarily lost that ‘loving feeling’ so to speak. If you see (some of) your volunteers are in that stage, make it your goal to inspire them again.

Here are some ideas to re-motivate your volunteers for youth ministry in general and for training in particular:

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