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12 Things to Love About Middle School Ministry

my latest middle school ministry column for youthworker journal is online, called “12 things to love about middle school ministry.”

i’ll list the 12 “things” here, but you’ll have to click through to read the expanded comments on each.

1) Middle school ministry is about shaping.

2) Middle schoolers are easy to connect with.

3) They’re willing to try anything.

4) Then there’s the wonder of abstract thinking.

5) Which leads us to the process of doubting and faith-development.

6) They’re unpredictable.

7) Parents are still involved in their lives.

8) They have more time than high schoolers.

9) Most are not yet jaded.

10) They’re passionate.

11) They’re forgiving.

12) They’re fun!

any more you would add?

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Mark Oestreicher is a 30-year veteran of youth ministry, and the former President of Youth Specialties. Marko has written or contributed to more than 50 books, including the much-talked-about Youth Ministry 3.0. Marko is a speaker, author, consultant, and leads the Youth Ministry Coaching Program.