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60 Stash Games (Volume 2)

The zip file includes grame graphics for all of these games and organized instructions for each game.


Bum Bum Scoot, Team Teleportation, I and Y, Sailors and Pirates, Gale Force, Easy Peasy, Heads or Tails, Noodle Ball, Marshmallow Baseball, Musical Chairs of Death, Hallway Garbage Ball, Break the Chain, Death Hack, Boom Boom Blindman, Charade Relay, Spider Fighters, All Over


Broomski Ball, Band Aid Face, Brain Freeze, Remote Control, Cranberry Cram, Christmas Mittens, Siamese Wrap A Tat-Tat, One & Done, Build A Beard, 2 Liter Challenge, Bucket Touche, Pearly Whites, Ooga Booga Boo, Split This, Leader Lob, Impossible Shot, Cricket Spicket, Frisbee Flick, Space Sardines, Kick Flip Tortilla Grip, Mother Buckets, Trout & Egg, Snickerdew, Sock Wars, Pong Catch, The Toaster Game, Impossible Beat Box, Mother Bird, Dr. Fixie, Wrecking Ball, Squirt, Man Mines, Close Shave, Speedball, Who Did This


Make It or Break It, Finish This, I Have Never, Home Mixer, Travel Mixer, Medic Mixer, You Mixer, A Penny for Your Thoughts, Mind Melt Mixer
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