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10 Ways NOT to Bring Up the Gospel

1. Them: “It’s hot in here.” You: “It’s hot in hell too.”

2. “You look like you need a Savior.”

3. At a shooting range: “If you were to die right now . . . hey, where are you running off to so fast?”

4. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sinners deserve death. And so do you.”

5. To a Barista: “Can I have a skinny vanilla conversation with you about the God of the Universe?”

6. “Yes officer, I’m guilty of speeding. But you are guilty of crimes against heaven.”

7. In a traffic jam to the guy in the car next to you: “The good news? Jesus loves you! The bad news? You can’t get away from me.”

8. “On the count of three I’m going to try to convert you.”

9. Anywhere:“Have you seen the movie ‘Left Behind’?”

10. “You don’t like Tim Tebow? You must need Jesus.”

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