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Raising Kids When Divorce Gets Ugly

I have a good friend who got married recently, and one of her wedding gifts was . . . two teenagers.

That’s right, she married a divorced man who has partial custody of two teenagers. My friend drove out to one of my parenting workshops and told me, “I better learn this stuff quick, because I skipped diapers and Sesame Street, landing right in the middle of MTV!”

It was this friend of mine who prompted me to provide some resources for parents who were raising their kids in divorced homes.

A month ago, we posted the first article in this series, Raising Kids in a Divorced Home. My friend Lane, raising kids in a divorced home, wrote that article providing some very applicable principles for divorced parents.

As helpful as that article was, I asked Lane to write another article in the series, because I keep hearing the same question over and over from divorced parents:

“What do I do when my spouse doesn’t believe in God, the Bible or any of our values? He/she keeps unteaching everything I teach!”

That is a great question, and sadly . . . a common one. So I asked Lane if he could address this in a second article on our PARENTING HELP page on TheSource4Parents.com providing some realistic advice for parents caught in this tough situation.

Lane sent me this article a few days ago . . . and it is powerful! I just posted it. It’s titled, Hope in a Hopeless Situation: Raising Kids When Divorce Gets Ugly.

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