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10 Reasons Christianity Rocks!

1. We serve a God/man who turned the world upside, split the calendar in two and redeemed humanity with his own blood . . . BOOM!
2. Lecrae
3. We have TWO Martin Luthers (the monk and the “King”)
4. Charles Spurgeon (in the words of Propaganda, “Spurgeon was the original spoken word artist!”)
5. We have 5 purposes . . . take that!
6. Left Behind is going to be remade with Nicholas Cage in the starring role.
7. Testamints (What other religion has its own mints?)
8. We have a great beginning to the story (Adam and Eve), a powerful ending (Revelation) and the ultimate climax (the cross & empty tomb!)
9. We get to tell this amazing story to everyone!
10. One word . . . potlucks!

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