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Grace Makes You Run Amok

I think we live in a generation of church leaders who are generally afraid of grace. Maybe they secretly think that if they preach it with unfiltered passion and clarity then people will run amok.

They will.

They’ll run amok like they did in the book of Acts.

They’ll run amok with acts of gospelized service and social justice.

They won’t be able to keep their mouths shut about the gospel or their lights from shining it’s powerful glare everywhere.

Will it be abused at times? Yes! (Like it is in all of our lives from time to time.)

Will it become an unstoppable force of cultural transformation? Yes! (Just like it has in every spiritual awakening.)

Grace is the simple reality that Jesus did all of the work on the cross and offers us forgiveness of sins, His righteousness exchanged for our sinfulness and the gift of eternal life through simple faith.

As soon as we add one work (going to church, water baptism, turning, trying, committing, tithing, etc) we turn grace into something else. Like one drop of arsenic added to a glass of cold water, one little good deed added to the living water turns it into poison.

Faith alone in Christ alone. By grace through faith. Not of yourselves.

These phrases describe the message of grace.

And then once we get it it gets us.

It gets us going.

It gets us sharing.

It gets us sacrificing, committing, surrendering, giving and sharing. Not because we have to but because we can’t help it. We are simply responding to the unbelievable gift of God’s unfathomable grace.

Dont’ be afraid of grace. Embrace it. Accept it.

Then run amok for His glory.

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